Questions to Address When Comparative Shopping
All the answers below MUST be YES - then compare price!


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Questions To Ask: Sea Breeze Charters' Answer
Q1) If we limit out early can we continue to fish? A1) Yes, you can catch-n-release fish for another species until your full day is complete at no extra charge.
Q2) Does your fleet consist of at least Thirty 30' boats that will cooperatively work to find fish? A2) Yes, our fleet communicates on private radios.
Q3) Have you been in business for at least 35 years? A3) Yes, since 1982 we have been one of the most experienced charter services on Lake Erie.
Q4) Are your boats at least 30' long + 10' wide? A4) Yes, with private bathrooms.
Q5) Will we get our money back if it is to windy to go fishing? A5) Yes, immediately. We are always willing to take you fishing if weather permits. We will not hide behind an island just to make money.
Q6) Can we drink alcohol on your boat? A6) Yes, it is your vacation.
Q7) Does your lodging have central air conditioning? A7) Yes, very cool!
Q8) Does your lodging have at least 2 bathrooms? A8) Yes, no long lines in the morning.
Q9) Do your TV's get ESPN? A9) Yes, we have satellite TV with all the channels.
Q10) Will I sleep comfortably on a real bed? A10) Yes, one person per bed with a real mattress - no bunk beds or sleeping mats.
Q11) Do you have a reference list of happy clients? A11) Yes, we would be happy to offer you a list.`
Q12) Is the lodging within walking distance to the boat? A12) Yes, you can also walk to the bar, restaurant, convenience store, fishing ponds, and fish cleaning station.

All the answers below MUST be YES - then compare price!

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